Belle and Sebastion release ‘Late Developers’ a synthy dream-pop delight

 Late Developers is full of synthy dream-pop tunes that capture the perfection of Belle and Sebastion ‘je ne sais quoi’ goodness to a T.

Belle and Sebastion drop their 12th album Late Developers this Friday, January 13th. The first single features a co-write with pop composer Wuh Oh (Peter Ferguson) I Don’t Know What You See In Me is vibrant, that brings just the right touch of melancholic pop that we have come to know and love them for.

Late Developers is the perfect accompaniment to traverse what it means to develop, mentally and emotionally and spiritually, on our journey towards self-realisation and growth – which the band nails in their first single.

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Frontman Stuart Murdoch wears his heart on his sleeve and has always had the capability to empathise with what can feel at times like a struggle towards growth, as a teen, and beyond. Given his background of giving to the community – he leads the youth groups at Church – music is very much the extension of the advice he gives IRL, making the album that perfect friend that shares in life’s trials and tribulations, encouraging self-acceptance, and reminds you above all else that it’s always okay to be you. Always. 

An avid and passionate cyclist, Murdoch has shared of the new album: “I was bicycling across Scotland last summer, listening to a mix of this song. It was written and produced for us by our friend Pete ‘Wuh Oh’ Ferguson. As I listened to it, I felt lucky to be the first person to get to sing this song. I let my voice swoop and soar in ways that it maybe hasn’t before. And as I continued through fields of gold and green I allowed myself to forget it was Belle And Sebastian, and pretend it was the latest hit on some random radio station. All music is escape, and perhaps we managed to escape a little further than usual with this unexpected tune. Thanks Pete!”

Late Developers comes hot off the release of their 2022’s Top Ten album A Bit of Previous, which Jeff Rosenstock hails as ‘a full-hearted embrace of the band’s brightest tendencies that are not only fresh and immediate but possessing that Belle and Sebastian je ne sais quoi of a group that will always be there for you with the perfect word or melody for the moment.

Late Developers makes a convincing argument that Belle and Sebastian will eternally be coaxing you towards inner peace with the perfect word for the moment or a melody that lifts you out of the murk of all that terrifying truth and into a world where you can allow yourself to look at the sun, take a deep breath and exist within that truth, living happily in the best way you can.’

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belle and sebastion late developers
Belle and Sebastian – Late Developers

  1. Juliet Naked
  2. Give A Little Time
  3. When We Were Very Young
  4. Will I Tell You A Secret
  5. So In The Moment
  6. The Evening Star
  7. When You’re Not With Me
  8. I Don’t Know What You See In Me
  9. Do You Follow
  10. When The Cynics Stare Back From The Wall
  11. Late Developers