Bellesa Boutique is giving out free vibrators to people in isolation

Forget stocking up on toilet paper, get yourself a vibrator courtesy of Bellesa Boutique.

The female-run company Bellesa Boutique offers various types of sex toys for all genders, and they’ve partnered with Womanizer in a giveaway that’ll make alone time a tad more entertaining.

Bellesa free vibratorIn the midst of government lockdowns and self-quarantine efforts, Bellesa Boutique is tackling boredom with a vibrator giveaway.

During the coronavirus outbreak, no doubt inspired by Italy’s Pornhub handout, Bellesa has partnered with the wildly popular brand Womanizer to give out thousands of free vibrators.

“We want y’all home, safe & happy. Social distancing, but make it orgasm-filled,” they said on Instagram.


Bellesa also sells merch, labelled as “sexually empowered apparel for badass, sexually empowered women.” T-shirt slogans include messages such as “I masturbate” and “bras suck.” Fuck yeah, they do.

The site offers a quiz to find your perfect vibrator, and a wealth of info on their blog about the benefits of menstrual cups, masturbation advice, communication in relationships and why lube matters. As well as the blog is a collection of female-friendly porn and discreet free shipping and billing.

Unfortunately, the offer is only available to residents of North America. But you can still jack off alone, in peace, watching coronavirus porn, if you want to.