Bianca Blakk unveils magnetic debut EP 'Angel Skin'

Bianca Blakk unveils magnetic debut EP ‘Angel Skin’

Angel Skin is a sonic diary for Bianca Blakk, as she takes us on a journey through her romantic encounters in the most delicious way.

Hailing from Australia’s West Coast is 17-year-old singer-songwriter Bianca Blakk, who started her craft at the early age of Seven. Taking inspiration from various genres, she has a more specialised focus on underground RnB and Pop. Transferring to online school just before the pandemic in 2020 to provide the flexibility she needed to focus on the pursuit of her dreams. 

Bianca Blakk
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In 2022, Bianca unveiled her first single release in over three years, a collaborative effort with Young Pascal titled Selfish. She continued her return to the music scene with the follow-up single Back To Me, getting us warmed for the release of her compelling debut EP Angel Skin.

Angel Skin is comprised of five tracks that will take you through a whirlwind of emotions, providing an outlet as Bianca’s personal diary as she journeys through young adult encounters and second-hand experiences. The EP has been written and co-produced over the past two years, as she collected her tales of the young adult experience. 

Starting off her EP is Spaceships, which sends you head first into the world of Bianca Blakk. The track features lush vocals and buttery melodic textures that whisk you into the world of young love and longing that will only make you ache. 

Bianca Blakk
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Second track Back To Me sees Bianca explore casual relationships, with stunning synth textures and a fuzzy bass line that mimics the feeling of lust. The track follows the ups and downs of the casual affair, playing its themes with a more lighthearted tone to compliment the tale of a carefree relationship. 

Her leading single Selfish still sounds as captivating as when she first released it. With her velvety vocals paired with a moody ambience and a thudding bass line. The sombre undertones draw on the heartbreak, spilling her guts and heartache out onto the track, showcasing her vulnerability in an awe-inspiring yet candid way. The team-up with Young Pascal gives the track an extra edge and attitude of the flipped perspective of the story. 

Bianca Blakk
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Bittersweet takes a step up from the more laid-back tunes, upping the tempo with an intricate melodic guitar and broody lyrics that cut deep. With her knack for words sending shivers down your spine, they’re paired with rich piano chords that give the track more depth, adding to its moody atmosphere.

The final track is To You (Outro), it is a compelling end to Angel Skin. The track showcases Bianca’s vocals with soaring falsettos and drawn-out notes, with a bittersweet message of moving on, despite still mourning the love that once was. 

Angel Skin is only just the start for Bianca Blakk. The EP brims with teenage experiences and lush tracks that can only be described as breathtaking, and I for one cannot wait to see what else Bianca has up her sleeve.

You can now stream Angel Skin via Spotify below.