Billie Eilish releases wild ‘Infinite Bad Guy’ video in celebration of 1 billion YouTube views

To celebrate 1 billion YouTube views on her hit song Bad Guy, Billie Eilish has launched an infinite music video: Infinite Bad Guy.

Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy definitely didn’t do badly when it came to global and cultural success, and YouTube, in conjunction with Google Creative Lab, has created an infinite music video for the track and all its alternate versions.

In celebration of hitting the 1 billion view milestone, Google Creative Lab has collected all of the tens of thousands of YouTube covers of the hit song and connected them all into one video, named Infinite Bad Guy.

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The website begins by playing Eilish’s original music video before viewers are then given the ability to jump into one of two other videos from where the last left off.

Infinite Bad Guy uses machine learning to know where you are in the song and plays the videos in sync to make each transition as smooth as possible.

Google label the video ‘infinite’ because, based on their calculation, it would take you 1.46 x 10¹⁰⁰ years to view every possible version of the song.

The video will take you through a whole plethora of versions, from vocal renditions to rubber chickens to sign language to dog performances – it’s an endlessly unique experience every time you dive in.

The project comes as a celebration of the massive achievement and success that Billie Eilish has accumulated in such a short time, specifically her devoted followers.

“Today we’re honoured to be celebrating ‘Bad Guy’ reaching 1 billion views on YouTube and shining a light on the video creations of her impassioned fans with ‘Infinite Bad Guy’. This one-of-a-kind experience is our way of celebrating Billie and her YouTube community,” states Vivien Lewit of YouTube’s Artist Relations team.

Having just released her new track Therefore I am and reached a milestone of 1 billion Youtube views for Bad Guy, the 18-year-old sensation is showing no signs of slowing down. Not bad if you ask me.

Click here to watch Infinite Bad Guy.