Billie Eilish’s perfect response to a reporter who called her “an emo kind of sad-looking teenager”

As literally everyone is aware, the Oscars took place yesterday (thanks Will Smith), and as usual Billie Eilish was way too patient with reporters.

After Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas picked up the Academy Award for Best Original Song for their No Time to Die James Bond theme, the 20-year-old hit the press room and handled the media with an incredible level of maturity.

Here’s a dramatised reenactment of the exchange.

Billie Eilish Finneas Oscars
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty

“When you first came out, you were sort of like an emo kind of sad-looking teenager and now you are, like, laughing and having a good time and you look very happy, and it’s so nice to see,” the reporter said.

To which Eilish politely responded, “I am glad.”

“Do you feel that you’ve had a change in your career as the last couple of years have gone along?” the reporter continued.

Then Billie hit him with the facts, reminding him that she was literally a child for the majority of her career so far. “I went from 14 to 20, so that will do it,” she said.

The reporter kept bringing the hard hitting questions, asking “Do you feel a lot better now?”.

“Sure,” the pop star responded. “It’s just growth,” she continued. “I’m super happy. I think that I’m just coming into my being aware of what is good around me.”

Turns out it was just a phase, Mum.