Dust off your PS1, a demake of ‘Bloodborne’ is out now

After toiling away and gaining Insight unthinkable, dedicated developers have released a PS1 demake of FromSoftware classic Bloodborne.

Sorry, but you can’t actually play it on the PS1 – even if you still had one. Bloodborne PSX is out now as a free, downloadable PC game via itch.io, and all you’ll need is a mouse and keyboard to play it. Or a controller, if you have one.

The demake comes after a 13-month development period courtesy of bOtser, who has been providing regular and often hilarious updates of the game’s progress via Twitter.

Bloodborne Demake
Image: Bloodborne PSX

So what should you expect from this Bloodborne demake? First of all, know that it is strictly a labour of love and in no way endorsed by FromSoftware, the developers of the original Bloodborne.

They have, however, remained silent on the matter so far, which often serves as a form of approval when the owner of a game’s intellectual property is in question. Legally questionable love for Bloodborne (especially any kind of Bloodborne PC port) is still love, and with downloads rolling in, the game’s fanbase is eating this passion project up.

The demake takes one of the slickest and most perfectly art directed games of the last decade and smashes its resolution to pieces, replacing the original in-game models with blocky, Frankenstein versions. Although they are still quite charming or terrifying, depending on the character in question.

Bloodborne itself was a Dark Souls breakaway project from developer FromSoftware that released in 2015 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It was massively acclaimed and is still regarded as one of the best games of the PS4 generation, which is why fan art, theories surrounding the game’s obscure yet interesting lore, and passion projects such as this demake still enjoy their time in the sun today.

Download Bloodborne PSX here.