Lower your resolution, a PS1 demake of ‘Bloodborne’ is on the way

Two developers are doing god’s work by remaking Bloodborne in the style of PS1 games. Grant us eyes!

Taking a modern game and hand-balling it into the past has been a pastime of committed game developers for a while now. Called demakes, the aim is to take the established world and play style of a beloved game and recreate it with primo, late ’90s graphical goodness.

Often labours of love, they frequently don’t translate into a full experience playable by the public, however, Bloodborne PSX seems ready to take this task on for the team. And god knows we’re not getting a Bloodborne anytime soon.

Bloodborne PS1 Demake

Lillith Walker and Corwyn Prichard are the mad scientists undertaking this herculean task. With constant progress updates on Twitter, Lillith has opened the door into her mind and given us stunning insight into the daunting process that demaking a game can be. As it stands, the game looks perfect for what it’s trying to achieve. The blocky enemies, the crunchy sound effects, the horrifying dead eyes of every character… this demake has it all.

Watching the pieces of this puzzle fall into each other as it happens is joyous, a feeling shared by the creators, who talk about catching sight of demakes in 2015 and feeling utterly inspired.

Walker and Prichard are established developers in their own right and have had to leave Bloodborne PSX in various states while they take the time to work professionally. Arcus is the most recent distraction that took them further away from a fully playable version of Bloodborne PSX, but now it looks like they’re back into the full swing of things

Of all games available out there, Bloodborne feels like the perfect option for the style. The necessity to meet the game halfway with its graphics to build the world in your head is a glorious combination with the Lovecraftian, dark magic tone of the original.

Unfortunately, however, it’s unlikely that Bloodborne PSX will ever see the inner light of PlayStation as it’s set to be PC only (which is ironic, considering a Bloodborne PC port is still unavailable). If there’s a PS1 port, I know exactly what I’ll be dusting off.