BOM: Sydney could be hit with thunderstorms and damaging winds this afternoon

Not so fast Sydney: today’s warm weather may turn into thunderstorms and damaging winds later this afternoon, according to BOM.

Whilst Sydney-siders may currently be basking in the warm weather, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned that the evening could bring a sharp turn in conditions, with severe thunderstorms and damaging winds potentially on the cards.

It comes after a weekend of heavy rain which affected almost half of the country.

sydney weather bom
Photo: Erik Witsoe

Sydney is expected to reach temperatures of 30 degrees today; however, around 5 pm, parts of the state will likely be hit by a large band of active thunderstorms. According to BOM, damaging winds are likely and heavy rain and hail are possible.

Whilst severe thunderstorms are more likely around inland parts of the state like Griffith, Sydney is certainly not in the clear, with severe thunderstorms possible and a 60% chance of rain in the late afternoon or evening, BOM reports.