Boris Johnson wins no confidence vote… but only just

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has avoided losing his title as PM after narrowly winning his no confidence vote.

Boris Johnson has survived a bit of a scare overnight, with his party voting for him to remain as leader of Britain’s Conservative Party.

Johnson was recently charged and fined for breaking protocol during lockdown to attend a house party that exceeded the legal number of guests at the time.

After becoming the first ever UK leader to be fined for breaking the law during his time in office, his party voted on whether they should keep him as leader of the Conservatives.

Johnson required a majority of 180 votes to remain as leader, which he narrowly achieved, receiving 211 votes to 148.

Keeping in mind that this was his own party voting, his 59 per cent majority has been described as a “catastrophic result”.

In fact, it’s a far lower majority than Teresa May received just months before she was resigned from her position as Prime Minister.

More to come.