Bouquet learn the lessons of love on latest single ‘In The Creek’

“What I would do to bring you back,” Iowa band Bouquet pine on their stirring melodic rock single, In The Creek

Bouquet have released their latest single ‘In The Creek’, an alt-rock cut that sees the Iowa band reflect on the lessons of lost love.

Opening with screechy guitars and thunderous percussion, ‘In The Creek’ initially draws from punk sounds for a teeth-bearing intro.

Bouquet single 'In The Creek'

Those heavier sounds are peppered all throughout the track — from the sneering delivery of vocalist Nick Booth to the rapturous instrumentation in the opening moments — but there’s softer moments to be found, too. 

Booth ushers in the first verse alongside airy backing harmonies and glittery hi-hats, making way for quieter corners of Bouquet’s sound.

Here, the five-piece veer towards alt-pop territory with a climactic pre-chorus and catchy cadences, but the rock energy that defines their sound is never too far away.

‘In The Creek’ finds room for searing basslines and raucous drum rolls courtesy of Brandon Blakeley who also plays in Hot Mulligan.

Elsewhere, ambient guitars and soaring melodies expand the soundscape, with the result being a track that feels both gentle and hard-hitting.

To deliver melodic rock with such finesse is one thing, but Bouquet pair the sound with equally engaging songwriting. Here, the band ruminate on lost love, and how its traces can often be found in natural elements like rustling leaves or flowing creeks. 

Possessing a diaristic intimacy you don’t often see in rock music,’In The Creek’ makes mention of the lessons we can learn from heartbreak with a sense of tenderness. “What I would do to bring you back,” Booth pines, “God, I miss my only friend.”

It’s a heartfelt message delivered with the sincerity of a ballad, with a few rock flourishes for extra emotive measure. ‘In The Creek’ marks Bouquet’s first release since 2022’s ‘Curtain Call’.

The single is said to be the first of many set for release in 2024, with a slew of tour dates lined up for the band throughout the year.

The band’s debut EP, ‘Cardinal’, arrived in 2021. Watch the music video for ‘In The Creek’ above, check out the band and scroll down to listen to Bouquet’s latest single.