Bravo Bonez releases groovy and politically-charged single 'Tainted'

Bravo Bonez releases groovy and politically-charged LearningToDive single, ‘Tainted’

Bravo Bonez has released another ’80s-inspired bop, Tainted, boasting a killer post-punk chorus and gorgeous ambient production.

Bravo Bonez has become a bit of a household name here at Happy Mag, and it’s easy to see why.

Under his LearningToDive moniker, the powerful lyricism and ear-catching production from Bravo Bonez make for stimulating listening experiences. Newest single Tainted, alongside its thought-provoking music video, is no exception.

Bravo Bonez

Producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Bravo Bonez has recently been donning the LearningToDive moniker as a means to explore darker themes and the societal structures around him. With this new undertaking, we’ve enjoyed hearing and discussing his esoteric tracks, such as the anthemic Rainbow Fall and the captivating Falling Leaves.

Tainted is his fourth single off the upcoming album, Norwegian Pop. To be honest, it’s our favourite so far. Bravo Bonez didn’t hold back on this one either. There’s an edited cut of the track, an extended version, AND a music video. So, yeah, plenty to unpack here.

Beginning with the music itself, Tainted is a definite ear-worm. Its deliberate 80s-inspired, post-punk pop makes for a light-sounding, groovy rhythm. In contrast, the lyrics are much darker, dissecting the military’s over-glorification, pulling open the curtain to reveal “parasitic greed”. Shots fired, Bravo Bonez. “Our complacency taints us”, the artist explained. Taking a blatant political stance and criticising injustice has always been a commendable and key aspect of LearningToDive. There are no vague lines found on Tainted; every observation has substance. “We let it happen, cuz media’s absurd” is specially delivered with convincing spite.

Anyway, back to the music. The Tainted chorus is epic, with its massive drums, synths, horns, chorused guitars and alarming ambience. The backing vocals dip in and out of the mix, creating an urgency that’s hard to tune out. It’s one of Bonez’s best melodies to date as well. I’d recommend adding Tainted to your upbeat playlists, but first, take a look at the music video:

The video serves the lyrical themes of Tainted to a tee. In slow-motion, splices of military action and mass destruction confront the viewer, suggesting that the need for radical change is dire. One of the most effective frames is an explosion with a looming question mark over the top. We’re looking forward to the Norwegian Pop album Bravo Bonez. Keep fighting the power.