This week’s ‘GTA Online’ update lets you trip on hallucinogenic peyote plants

The latest weekly GTA Online update is here with plenty of opportunities to trip on peyote plants. Now this is some grade-A immersion.

With each new update to Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer mode, Rockstar Games offers new cosmetics, more events, and a range of special sales for players to jump on. That’s all well enough, but this time it’s providing more of what really matters – hallucinogenic peyote plants.

Peyote plants have come and gone from GTA Online over the years, but now they are back in force, with extra plants scattered across the wild just waiting for a mind-blowing discovery. You can expect a pretty trippy experience if you come across one, as consuming them will set off “hellish” visions that transform your character’s body into “beastly” creatures.

GTA V Desert
Image: GTA V / Rockstar Games

Rockstar hasn’t revealed where to find the plants, encouraging players to “stray from the beaten path” to seek them out, but you can already find videos online detailing all the locations if a quick trip is what you’re after.

If you’re more into experiencing the journey of discovering collectibles for yourself, just go for a cruise around Los Santos and wait for your controller to vibrate, which is a nifty hint that a peyote plant is nearby.

The list of animals you can be transformed into ranges from cute critters like a poodle or west highland terrier, to predators of the sea such as a killer whale or hammerhead sharks. Peyote plants are usually only around for a short time, so if you want to be one with nature and experience all the available animals, you better hop online quickly.

For those who are actually interested in the GTA Online update beyond its enabling of virtual hallucinations, there’s also a new vehicle available – the Dinka Verus quad bike can be purchased from Warstock Cache and Carry this week. There are also some neat opportunities to make some extra cash, with open-wheel races and contract missions paying double, and bodyguard and associate missions offering triple the typical rewards.

Thrifty players can also check out this list of discounted vehicles if they’re looking to secure a sweet new ride this week: