BREAKING: Religious discrimination bill delayed after Christian lobby says it would do ‘more harm than good’

It’s looking less likely that the Federal Government will vote on the religious discrimination bill before the upcoming election.

Although the religious discrimination bill passed the House of Representatives in the early hours of the morning yesterday, five Liberal MPs crossed the floor to vote with Labor. Hell fricken yeah, thanks, gang!

The government have said they received legal advice from the attorney general department claiming the bill would have unintended consequences.

Religious discrimination bill debate
Credit: Adam Kennedy

The attorney general, Michaelia Cash wrote that she had “significant concerns” that the changes would worsen discrimination.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Wendy Francis released a statement saying although the bill was meant to help religious schools “…they now do more harm than good”.

“Taking away protections for Christian schools is a price too high to pay for the passage of the religious discrimination bill. The amendments voted on by Labor, independents and these Liberal MPs unnecessarily interfere with the operation of faith-based schools.”

The Opposition Leader is glad about the win but says the battle isn’t over.

“It’s not our job to sit back, see bad legislation just carried, not participate, not trying to improve it, and then just complain about it from the sideline,” Anthony Albanese told reporters.

It sure is nuts that thousands of people have rallied around the country, begging the government to #killthebill and yet Scotty receives one call from Christian lobbyists, also agreeing that the new laws would be heinous and all of a sudden it’s over.