Help find Bridget: Melbourne community rallies together to find missing woman

Locals have gathered to search for Bridget Flack, a 28-year-old transgender woman who went missing in Melbourne’s Yarra Bend Park on November 30.

It’s been 11 days since Bridget Flack went missing, with the last reported sighting of her at a Dan Murphy’s store on Collingwood’s Smith Street, in Melbourne’s inner north-east on November 30.

Her family has described her disappearance as “uncharacteristic”, voicing their concerns about the involvement of foul play, and the news has sparked a massive community movement with hundreds of locals banding together to search for Flack.

bridget flack search
Volunteers have created a map to track areas searching in Yarra Bend Park, the last known location of Bridget Flack. Photo: Heraldsun

Ms Flack’s sister, Angela Pucci-Love, has described their relationship as very active in the LGBTQI community, saying that despite her struggles:

“[Ms Flack] reached out to me daily because we were trying to get that help for her, she had the awareness to know that she needed that … but she was staying with friends, she was very open about the struggles she was having, and she was also very quick to reassure us that she was safe. We love her so much and our concern is just her safety and happiness.”

A Facebook page called ‘Have You Seen Bridget?’ has been set up to help find her, having reached more than 6,000 followers at the time of writing.

Senior Constable Daniel Garside from the Melbourne crime investigation unit said many calls were being received from the public, following up with the statement that “[the police] are investigating everything at the moment, nothing has been ruled out. There is nothing to suggest she has met with foul play at all but we remain open-minded and are hoping that’s not the case.”

CCTV footage of Bridget – on the day she was last seen – was released to the public, showing her wearing a bright pink T-shirt, black shorts, and red socks, with a black face mask and a light pink backpack. She is described as about 170 centimetres tall and Caucasian, with a thin build, shoulder-length brown hair, and distinctive tattoos on her arms and legs.

If you have any information relating to Flack’s disappearance, please contact the North Melbourne police station on (03) 8379 0800.

Update: A woman’s body was discovered in bushland at Willsmere-Chandler Park, Kew East on Friday. Police are now investigating whether it is that of Bridget Flack.

Whilst there has been no official confirmation, social media reports have confirmed the news. Flack’s family are now asking that all images of Flack be removed to respect her privacy.