Can you think of a better way to celebrate an EP than with a crossword? Allan Smithy can’t, and that’s why he made us one

Sydney’s favourite Inner Westie Allan Smithy is a pretty easy dude to get along with. If you haunt the same area he does, it’s also pretty easy to see a little of yourself in his easy going, sometimes too-relatable brand of music.

Seemingly in celebration of his debut EP I See A Palm Tree, he’s gone and cooked up something very, very special. Solidifying himself a place in our hearts, Smithy sent us this adorable crossword full of clues related to the killer EP, Smithy’s tour and some cheeky little facts about the breakout artist’s stylings.

Allan Smithy has brought in his EP in style, mixing his love for crosswords with an undeniable pride in his debut record.

I See A Palm Tree features all of Smithy’s current singles, from the endearing first single The Streets to the ultimate ballad for the millennial Australian generation, Four Letter Reason.

His latest single Air sees his nostalgic style and poignant lyricism return for more of a heartstring-tugger. A love song through and through, it shows a side of Smithy we hadn’t seen yet. It seems the budding songwriter has plenty more tricks up his sleeve.

Find some nifty clues and a list of Allan Smithy’s tour dates right here. His first gig kicks off this Friday in Sydney, so be sure to jump on board quick smart (after you finish the crossword, of course).

I See A Palm Tree is out now.

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