We tried to stop Allan Smithy from sharing the 5 bands he wants to see at Surry Hills Festival, but he’s too damn keen

For Sydneysider Allan Smithy, Surry Hills Festival won’t be too far from home this Saturday. In fact, we get the feeling he’s more than a little excited.

The event is shaping up to be a good time – packed with all the best food, beverages, and probably some bands too. Curbing his enthusiasm for the weekend just for a little while, Smithy has given us the low-down on all the acts he can’t wait to see there.

Surry Hills Festival

Allan Smithy can’t wait for Surry Hills Festival – he’s so damn keen we couldn’t stop him from rattling off the five bands he’s stoked to see.


If you swirl the letters around from Borneo you get No-Bore (or Bore? NO). Fact. These guys are fun with a big fat capital F. They also have stellar songs and awesome merch. It’s hard to watch these guys play anywhere without wearing a grin, and for a day like Surry Hills Festival I think a grin is the perfect accompaniment to sunshine and cold beers (consumed responsibly in licensed areas).


I’ve known Nikki/Iluka for a while now, and have always been blown away by her voice. Literally every time she sings. If you haven’t heard her, hear her. She has so much soul. It’s almost as though someone jammed a big old black woman into a 20 something white gal. That’s my pitch. She also has a pretty tidy band backing her up too.


Everyone has their own part to play at Surry Hills Festival. There are people making gozleme, people eating gozleme and then above it all is LANKS laying down Ben Tunes all afternoon (probably for about an hour). He has incredible songs and is able to lay it down live. If you want to have your mind blown out of your head, or cry some happy tears I would definitely check LANKS out.

Hey Geronimo

If you haven’t heard of Hey Geronimo buy a radio, because they are all over it. These guys have some serious hits, and I think most of Surry Hills will be singing along. So I would make sure you get dibs on your favourite spot of grass before you are relegated to the pavement, because there will be a lot of people there. In summary

Great tunes + great band + big crowd + optional cold drink + sunshine = great times

Allan Smithy

It’s ME! Come and check me out too! I guarantee you that I will have a good time, and it will be killer.*

*Thanks mate see you there!