Champagne Soapernova: Liam Gallagher is turning Oasis hits into handwashing anthems

Liam Gallagher is the latest artist to join the hygiene-hype and encourage fans to wash their hands for at least 20-seconds in an attempt to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

The younger Gallagher brother is not the first to use their platform to share tips during the global pandemic; Neil Diamond recently shared a corona-friendly version of his 60’s track Sweet Caroline.

Liam Gallagher has revamped classic Oasis hits to encourage fans to stay hygienic and wash their hands in coronavirus crisis.

Supersonic, Champagne Supernova and Wonderwall are the iconic Oasis numbers revamped with a handwashing twist as well as his own more recent 2017 single For what It’s Worth. All remixes are so catchy and contagious they’ll have any Gallagher fan scrubbing their “hands and toes” all day long.


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Here’s another one you might know. It’s called SOAPERSONIC. If you know the words wash along LG x

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Liam, famous not only for pioneering Oasis to fame in the era of Britpop but also for his unapologetically outspoken social media presence, shared the videos of himself singing whilst washing his hands earlier this month. This is not his first attempt to make light of the current coronavirus crisis as he’d previously quipped that he and his estranged brother/former bandmate Noel Gallagher have been “self-isolating” for years.

“Me n Rkid have been self-isolating for 10 years c’mon a couple of months ain’t fucking hurt,” he tweeted.

The Rock’n’Roll Star has been bold in his appraisal of UK doctors and nurses and went one step further to demand a reunion of the band with all the money going to the NHS.

Despite Liam’s orders, an Oasis reunion seems like half the world away as Noel is said to have turned down an offer of £100 million to scrub up and get the legendary Mancunian band together once more.

Who knows if coronavirus is enough to unite the Gallagher brothers after their 11 year-isolation or whether Liam’s attempts to reform the band will soon fade away. Whilst we cannot know for sure whether an Oasis reunion is really on the cards, or whether Liam has well and truly lost the plot, for now all that’s left to do is roll with it and follow LG’s “biblical”  handwashing masterplan.