Check out this huge archive of posters from the 90s acid-house rave days

If, like many, you experience the unsettling feeling of being born in the wrong era, don’t fret. You can now vicariously live out the late 80s and 90s acid-house rave days through a new online archive.

FLASHBACK is a new digital archive that documents Blackburn’s rave scene from 1988-1991 through rare pictures and authentic interviews from the youngsters who “lived and breathed it”.

“The good, the bad and the ugly”: New archive of interviews and pictures from Blackburn’s underground 80’s acid-house rave scene is available online now.

“As a decade of decadence ended, and the 1980s limped towards the finish line a generation of disenfranchised and discarded young people were left with the greatest hangover of all.”

A group of Blackburn’s finest came together to create an underground movement in post-industrial Blackburn, one of UK’s more raucous Northern towns. The innovative bunch repurposed abandoned warehouses and mills to host illegal acid-house parties, otherwise known as raves, on a huge scale for over 10,000 people.

The archive aims to provide a snapshot into the heritage of “Blackburn’s greatest working-class revolution”. Check out the collation of unobstructed recollections from 33 participants; “ravers, DJs, the organisers, the police and politicians” who all played a vital role, or had a strong opinion on, the parties that shaped and moulded the future of the UK rave scene.

Check out the full archive here.