Collaborative music software Endlesss smashes Kickstarter goal

Collaborative music software Endlesss smashes Kickstarter goal

Endlesss, the collaborative music-making iOS app, has announced plans to expand into a desktop and DAW-compatible version of the software.

The project, founded by musician Tim Exile, has already exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter three-fold, but you can still pre-order it on there for a discounted price.endlesss

Endlesss, a collaborative music making software, is coming to desktop and DAWs after exceeding its funding goal three times over.

Endlesss works either as a standalone application or in combination with all the major DAWs. In a DAW, insert the plug-in, start or join a ‘jam’ and play and record your favourite instruments (VSTs, hardware, or acoustic).

Once you have recorded your performance, it can be looped and added to a jam in Endlesss. A jam can have up to 8 layers, each of which can be remixed or added to.

In the standalone application, use MIDI mapping and built-in instruments and effects (as well as a custom instrument designer) to record performances. You can also record directly into the app via your favourite hardware or acoustic instruments.

You can sync your jams and custom instruments to the already existing iOS app, which also has a built-in social feed so you can keep up with jams you have entered and people you have jammed with.

If you’re working in a separate DAW, you can drag and drop performances back into the DAW to build, arrange and finish tracks.

You can choose to pre-order the software alone or alternatively opt into an additional subscription which gives you a larger pack of sounds, lossless audio and storage of your jams and performances on Endlesss’ cloud archive.

On top of exceeding its funding goal three times over, the Endlesss has been backed by a whole host of artists, including Imogen Heap and Jon Hopkins.

You can find more about Endlesss by visiting their website or through the intro video below: