Courtney Love says Kurt Cobain and Lana Del Rey are the greatest artists she’s ever known

In a new interview, Courtney Love declared that Kurt Cobain and Lana Del Rey are the only “true musical geniuses” she’s ever known.

As it turns out, the only artist to come close to Kurt Cobain in the eyes of Courtney Love is Lana Del Rey.

In a new appearance on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron the Hole frontwoman praised Del Rey  – with whom she toured in 2014 – by comparing her talents with Cobain and Steven Spielberg, stating “Lana and Kurt are the only two true musical geniuses I’ve ever known and by that I mean they can Spielberg anything. She’s got the integrity that Kurt had.”

Courntey Love
Photo: Manfred Werner

Love continued “By the way, Stipe? Bono? Yes, these are people that I know and love. Billie Joe, sure. But Lana? She’s got a magic thing. And she’s not even fucked up!”

In addition to praising the pop star whom she refers to as “an actual true, great friend” Love also shared details about her upcoming solo album, which will be her first since Hole’s Nobody’s Daughter in 2010. The upcoming release won’t be a rock album according to Love, as “people aren’t really doing rock anymore… rock’s not a thing”.

Recording sessions for the album have, however, included the writing of two “fucked-up guitar songs” with guitarist Anthony Rossomando. One titled Kill Fuck Marry is inspired by the recent Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court drama, and another “secret song” titled Justice for Kurt that Courtney says she won’t include on the record as “it would swallow the entire narrative”.

Love explained that Justice For Kurtwhich is about conspiracy theories surrounding her involvement in her late husband’s death, and to include it in the release “would ruin my record”. Fans wanting to hear the song will still get access to the track eventually though, with Love stating “we’ll put it out like eight months after the hoo-ha”, with“hoo-ha” presumably referring to the main album’s release.

The full podcast episode with Courtney Love is available below.