Courtney Love slams Rock Hall Voter for being ‘Unfamiliar’ with Kate Bush’s music

Courtney Love: singer, guitarist, songwriter, actress, and possessor of a personality that could make a statue blush.

Courtney Love’s been alternately celebrated and vilified for her music, her movies, and her messiness, but she’s never been ignored. Love is a human lightning rod, attracting attention and controversy wherever she goes, and we love her for it.

In a recent Vulture article, two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voters were interviewed about their opinions on this year’s induction class ballot, which includes Kate Bush, Missy Elliot, and Rage Against the Machine. “Voter two,” who has been an active voter for “six or seven years,” admitted that they were “not too familiar” with Bush’s music and were unsure if they would vote for her. This admission did not sit well with Courtney Love, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Hole.

 Courtney Love

Love took to Twitter to express her outrage, stating, “Bro! The rest of us have been LIVING KATE BUSH since 1977! This idiot VOTES people’s bank account & legacy? Too much power in the hands of IDIOTS.” It’s safe to say that Love is not too pleased with the anonymous voter’s lack of knowledge on the iconic singer.

Interestingly enough, Bush recently experienced a surge in interest after her 1985 song was featured in the fourth season of Stranger Things and topped the 2022 UK charts last summer. Despite this, it seems that not all Rock Hall voters are up to speed on her music.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame took a new approach in selecting its induction class this year, allowing anyone “whose music connects us all” and “who celebrates the sound of youth culture” to be eligible for the ballot. While this strategy aims to bring in younger voters and a more balanced representation of music genres beyond rock and roll, nominees must still meet the 25-year threshold.

The 2023 inductees will be announced in May, and we’ll have to wait and see if Kate Bush makes the cut despite the lack of familiarity from some voters. As for Love, it seems she’s not letting this one slide anytime soon. Check out the article here.