‘Crap Wildlife Photography’ is our new favourite corner of the internet

What if you turned everything you thought you knew about good wildlife photography on its head?

Well, you’d get a Facebook group called Crap Wildlife Photography. The camera tricks and techniques and nowhere to be seen here, and the photos are all the better for it.

Chick photo
Photo/Crap Wildlife Photography – John Aeron Caiga

The Facebook group Crap Wildlife Photography celebrates poorly captured photos of animals and wildlife for the entertainment of everyone involved.

If you’ve ever dived into the precise and complex art of photography, it’s a given to delete any photos with shit like this: A shaky frame, blurry focus, unclear subject matter and so on. What some photographers can achieve after sharpening their skills is simply incredible. Just check out these insane snaps from the International Landscape Photography contest. Well, turns out there’s another side to this coin.

The photos on Crap Wildlife Photography aren’t exactly getting into the National Geographic anytime soon, so the more flaws, the better. This Facebook group thrives on them, so if you wanna share some below-average pics of your pet, there’s never been a better place. However, definitely prepare to cop some jokes about your masterpieces.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this shit photography trend isn’t as niche as you’d think. Crap Wildlife Photography currently boasts 266k members, and after joining the group myself, I can see why. The photos are bat-shit hilarious, no pun intended. Below are some of my favourite finds from a quick scroll. All photos credit the original ‘photographers’, and my hat goes off to all of them.

Close, but no cigar.

Crap Wildlife photos
Photo – Lulu Paul

I hope this isn’t what he thinks of your photography…

Crap Wildlife photos
Photo – Eli Quirk

Apparently it took 6 trips to Africa to land this porcupine.

Crap wildlife photos
Photo – Jo Thomas