Daft Punk are set to score Dario Argento’s next film, ‘Occhiali Neri’

Daft Punk are teaming up with Italian director Dario Argento to score his upcoming film, Occhiali Neri.

The film marks the French electronic duo’s return to the composition scene after a 10-year hiatus since they provided the score for the infamous sci-fi franchise Tron: Legacy.

Robotic-electronic music icons, Daft Punk, are set to team up with Italian horror director, Dario Argento, to score their first film in 10-years

Much like the elusive masked duo, the upcoming film is cloaked with a similar air of mystery.

What we do know? Occhiali Neri translates to “Black Glasses”, it’s the legendary horror directors first movie in eight years, and if it’s anywhere near as successful as some of his previous works — including The Phantom of the Opera and Inferno — then it’s sure to be a winner.

The pair, famous for their unmistakable sound and some of the most recognisable electronic tracks of this era, are said to be big fans of Argento’s work. Argento told La Repubblica that they reached out to him requesting a creative collaboration and put themselves forward to score the soundtrack for the forthcoming film.

The robots are soon to be sending their first tracks over and the trio will convene in Rome, once coronavirus lockdown laws permit them to, of course. 

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