A celebration of all that we are, Darkpines embraces the dark times with recent single

Relying on the pure energy of existence itself, Darkpines offers a joyous attitude in the face of hardship with I AM A HUMAN (BEING)

Released in December of 2023, Darkpines, in collaboration with lifelong friend Brother’s Crickets, presented their dance-worthy, anthemic celebration of humanness.

Using the uncomfortable and heartbreaking times as fuel, the pair turn sorrow into sweetness.

darkpines new release

Named after the pine trees that guarded his childhood home, Darkpines combines this reverence for beauty and the exploration of his own mental illness in his musical experiments.

Following the successful O N C D, Darkpines promises both and evolution and an overwhelming collection of new work.

Full of eclectic sounds taken from the likes of EDM and indie pop, I AM A HUMAN (BEING) overflows with energy.

With the lyrics “I am a human,” sung repetitively with increasing harmony, the song feels more like a transcendent chant than a pop moment.

A merging of soul and acceptance of the beauty and horror of the human condition, I AM A HUMAN (BEING) is abundantly simple, yet emotive in its message.

Lead by an abundant synth and made powerful by a continuous crash cymbal, the song remains interesting despite its like of dynamic shifts.

It comes in hard and it remains that way, deepening only by its vocal complexity and the growing familiarity of the production. Darkpines vocal tone is soft and inviting, but commanding enough to lead an explosive instrumentation.

The camaraderie between friends permeates such a pure moment of celebration, with Darkpine and Brother’s Cricket’s connection a palpable addition to an already thrumming sense of excitement.

In its simplest form, I AM A HUMAN (BEING) is catchy, full of both melodic hooks and memorable phrasing.

Upbeat in the best sense of the term, Darkpine has a clear grasp on both himself and the span of music he is eager to create.

Listen to I AM A HUMAN (BEING) below.