Don’t tell the BBC, but here’s a sneaky stream of David Bowie: The Last Five Years that you can actually watch in Australia

With a ton of unheard recordings, never before seen footage and new interviews, David Bowie: The Last Five Years is a must-watch for any fans of the late icon.

The problem is, the BBC has gone to diabolical lengths to make sure it never sees the light of day outside the motherland. We heard about this doco last week, but even the trailer was unavailable in Australia.

Well here’s your ticket in – make sure you watch this unmissable feature before it inevitably disappears.

david bowie: the last five years

David Bowie: The Last Five Years has aired to astounding success in the UK, but the BBC continue to make the doco available anywhere else.

Given that we keep getting the short end of the stick when it comes to broadcasting rights, this just continues our proud saga of finding ways to circumvent geo-blocking, broadcasting delays and other forms of TV and silver screen restriction.

Watch the team discuss how Sydney, Australia and the world are celebrating the anniversary of Bowie’s death below: