Finally, you can play ‘Doom’ in ‘Age of Empires II’

A fiery new mod by HELLKNIGHT61 turns Age of Empires II into a top-down, 3D version of id Software’s iconic Doom.

Modder HELLKNIGHT61 has recently released a mod that lets you play id Software’s famous Doom game in Age of Empires II. Players can experience Doom from a completely different perspective, with themes, concepts and stories from Doom and Doom 3 being ported into the game, along with audio and enemy samples.

“I wanted to resurrect the original Doom for Age of Empires 2 game engine,” HELLKNIGHT61 says, “This was my dream.”

age of empires II doom mod
Image: Age of Empires 2 / Age of Doom

The mod currently features four episodes and the tutorial, with the final episode to be released at a later date. Several additional features have been added as well to give players an even more realistic Doom experience – including the ability to sprint and flick switches.

Doom is playable in a variety of different platforms, ranging from the classic sandbox Minecraft, to crabs (yes, you read that right). I’m not saying that you should, but technically speaking, you can run Doom on 16,039,018,500 crabs.

All things considered, perhaps Age of Empires II is not the most surprising engine for the game.

The Doom mod for Age of Empires II can be downloaded for free via ModDB, and it can be run immediately without any additional installations or programs. Just unzip the file and you’re all set.

You can download the mod here, and watch videos of the mod in action below.