Snoop Dogg claims Dr. Dre is releasing new music in upcoming 'GTA'

Snoop Dogg claims Dr. Dre is releasing new music in upcoming ‘Grand Theft Auto’

The GTA games have a stellar reputation when it comes to their taste in music and, if Snoop Dogg is to be believed, Dr. Dre is looking to contribute to that legacy.

If you took a poll of what GTA players like most about the games you would probably hear a lot about the radio stations. Not only are they an important part of the game series’ worldbuilding, they have been responsible for introducing a ton of classic tracks to a new audience. And reportedly, Dr. Dre has seen that as an attractive business opportunity.

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Snoop Dogg let slip that Dr. Dre is back in the studio working on some “fucking great music” and that “some of his music is connected to the GTA game that’s coming out. So I think that that will be the way that his music will be released, through the GTA video game.

gta dr. dre
Image: GTA Online / Rockstar Games

Dr. Dre isn’t a complete stranger to the GTA universe, with a number of his more iconic tracks appearing on the radio stations of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However, if the new music that Snoop referenced is in fact new original music then that would be a first for him.

In the most recent GTA Online updates, Rockstar Games has shown an interest in exploring new ways to incorporate music and in-game performances into their games. So it seems possible that this collaboration with Dr. Dre could be something pretty special.

That said, we don’t know which GTA game Snoop Dogg was actually referring to in the interview. It’s probably not GTA 6 considering the level of secrecy that game is being treated with, leaving a GTA Online update or the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy remaster the most likely possibilities.

Considering that Dr. Dre featured in the original San Andreas soundtrack, my money is on him contributing new tracks to that game’s remaster.

Otherwise, GTA Online has recently integrated a new mechanic that allows players to unlock new music for their in-game radio stations by finding ‘media sticks’. Dr. Dre’s new music could be released through this system, which would be a novel approach to releasing music for an artist known for his entrepreneurial attitude.

Dr. Dre last released an album in 2015.