e4444e chats seated shows and all the times venues have misspelt his name

e4444e chats seated shows and all the times venues have misspelt his name

What has e4444e been up to since he released Coldstream Road? What’s the funkiest way someone’s ever misspelt his name? We catch up with Romy for the latest.

It’s been a few months since Romy Church aka e4444e dropped his sophomore album Coldstream Road through esteemed Aussie label Spunk! Records. Released in June, Church of course was unable to tour the record initially, but has recently completed a run of album launch dates in Sydney, Scarborough, and his native Newcastle.

But that’s not all. On December 11th he’ll be playing alongside fellow soundscape enthusiasts Shining Bird at STFD, a seated gig presented by Happy Mag. We thought it was high time to take five.

e4444e interview STFD

HAPPY: Hey Romy, always a pleasure. What are you up to at the moment?

ROMY: Hey how u doin I just got a new pedal in the mail (hologram microcosm) the other day so im just messing around with that. tryna get my head around it

HAPPY: Last time we spoke you’d just released Coldstream Road. What’s been going on for e4444e since?

ROMY: we just played an album tour that was pretty cool, felt good. been working on a new album. just got masters back the other day.

HAPPY: Now that we’re (fingers crossed) on the way out, was lockdown a productive period for you? Or maybe the opposite…

ROMY: I mean yea I guess it was productive. I wrote n recorded n mixed an album from about April to October. I dunno if id have done that as quickly if we were locked down. I guess everything affects everything tho.

HAPPY: What lessons do you think you’ll take from this year into the future?

ROMY: hmm I can think of a few but im not sure they covid related. when you wake in the morning get out of bed as if discarding an old pair of shoes.

HAPPY: You’ve done a few of these seated shows now, did you have to adapt your set to the format in any way?

ROMY: nar. I feel like our shows are pretty sit-down-friendly with all the ambient segues and textural stuff. lotta that gets lost in a pub where no one knows you and just wants to talk to their friends. which is cool im like that

HAPPY: I saw this little typo you shared. As someone who’s been terrified every time I have to put e4444e on a poster or article, what’s the juiciest/funniest typo you’ve seen?

ROMY: juicewise I remember the lass (my local pub) wrote my name out the front as B444e years ago. 3 4s and a B. I feel like they thought my name was meant to sound like Before. pretty cool name too


Catch e4444e alongside Shining Bird at STFD, a seated gig at The Marlborough Hotel in Sydney on Friday December 11th.

Tickets are available here.