Eat your heart out, border security: Russians can’t even browse Pornhub without a passport anymore

Yikes. In a new set of regulations agreed upon between Pornhub and the Russian government, users will no longer be able to browse the site without a passport, technically.

While there isn’t exactly a clause in Pornhub’s new terms and conditions which explicitly states “give us your passport or no porn”, a chain of certifications now makes it a complicit requirement that you have a Russian passport if you wanna browse.

putin pornhub russia passports

As the relationship between Russia and Pornhub becomes more and more volatile, users will no longer be able to browse the site without a passport.

Russia and Pornhub aren’t really friends. After the site was accosted for spreading information to children, an age gate was instigated. Furthermore, an anti-Putin clip RUSSIAN CORRUPTED POLITICIAN FUCKED HARD was circulated on the adult website in May.

Following that whole debacle, the Russian government dictated that Pornhub would only be allowed to continue operating in their country if users logged in with an account linked to popular social networking website Vkontakte.

And in a cruel twist of fate (or you know, Russia’s carefully considered cyber surveillance plan), Vkontakte only allows users with a phone number to register. To register a SIM in Russia, you need to provide your passport information.

Via Vice News.