Edgecliff rumble the sea and rock the boat at Old Manly Boatshed

Tightly packed under a ship, 5-piece Northern Beaches band, Edgecliff crackle and rock like thunder at Old Manly Boatshed.

The indie-rock group exploded with passion on the tightly centred stage, bursting with electric solos and head thrusts, in their visually and socially colour-bursting gig.

Thriving from their sold-out Waitless single launch, Edgecliff rocked the boat without a drop of fear – the only thing dripping that night was the sweat perspired from the group playing a blended mix of their original songs and timeless rock classics.


It was clear from the moment you walked down the dimly lit stairs that you were entering a venue that rocked as hard as the sea it’s named after. In the literal pumping sauna, the crowd was buzzing with anticipation, a blend of youthful angst and mature appreciation. Edgecliff were well and truly in their element, the perfect blend of old school and new-age rock.

The boys kicked off their steaming hot chocolate set with Every 1’s a Winner, skipping through the formal niceties and jumping headfirst into their guitar riffs and fiery drum slams. Lead singer and guitarist, Will wasted no time with his vocals sharply slicing with ease to the nostalgic tune. The group eased in and out of tracks without a breath, hardly stopping for applause. But they didn’t need to, the ground they were shaking was clapping for them.


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The mosh was tightly packed in the space, with all thoughts of a pandemic galaxies way. Edgecliff played with a youthful passion as if stuck on a sinking ship having and nothing left to do but rock. The group was clearly a band for the people and it wasn’t long before drummer Jacob’s shirt came off and the crowd began to swirl, surfing on top of one another and echoing tunes louder than the rupturing sound. Blending their original tunes like Running Outta Luck with classics like Fortunate Son was nothing short of infatuating. It was impossible not to sea the talent bleeding from the boys’ fingertips, having a tight fieriness that has been sharpened from four years of endless practise.

The crowd was simply a mirror to the energy Edgecliff was delivering, harnessing a wholesome Aussie-Rock familiarity with their original, abstract lyrics and guitar riffs. The bones of Old Many Boatshed rattled, sounding not as clear as it must’ve in its peak – but that didn’t matter, nothing could pull Edgecliff away from their bullet focus and sharpness.


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The raucous effortlessly continued well within the second set, Edgecliff showing no signs of slowing down and neither was their hungry audience. Belting another unreleased original Reborn, Kai’s bass tune pounded against the synth before bursting with Sex on Fire, a cover that would make Kings of Leon bang their heads with respect. The crowd was rocking like a boat on rough seas until Edgecliff began the iconic tune of their debut single Waitless, which erupted like a firework of colour. The neon globes that lit the old boat shed were carried on with Jesse’s rhythmic guitar rhythm and Nick’s endearing keyboard tune. What followed after was Jacob’s magnetic drum solo, flipping the heated ship upside down, whipping you in the core.

Edgecliff have clearly earned the mark of a band oozing with originality and creativity but grounding in their forceful appreciation for the classics. I can already feel the electric rumble and fire from their upcoming set supporting The Chats for UNDERPROOF at Dee Why PCYC.

Grab your tickets here, and don’t miss out on seeing Edgecliff completely rumble the show. Or if you can’t wait until then, check out their debut single Waitless: