‘Elder Scrolls Online’ DLC Waking Flame blazes its way onto PC and Mac, with consoles to follow

As of yesterday, Elder Scrolls Online released its 31st base game patch, along with the Waking Flame DLC for PC and Mac users.

As steadily as ever, Elder Scrolls Online has come through again with their Waking Flame DLC, building on the already established Gates of Oblivion campaign. Implemented in this recent patch is more than just bug fixes and balance changes, but the addition of two new dungeons (and more goodies).

Namely, the Red Petal Bastion and the Dread Cellar. Both have their own separate stories that each link to the Gates of Oblivion campaign and “set up the events of the upcoming Deadlands DLC” said to be coming later in 2021.

Image: Elder Scrolls Online / Zenimax

Both dungeons sound pretty standard, with bosses to sink your swords into or pummel with arrows at either Normal, Veteran, or Hard Mode difficulties. But curiously enough, the announcement makes mention of “mysteries to uncover”. 

Entering either dungeon grants players a new Scorion Pyreling pet and better yet, each has their own unique item sets, achievements, and collectibles to earn and loot.

Access is obtained either directly through the in-game crown store for 1,500 Crowns (that’s $18.45 AUD), or through an active ESO Plus membership.

Going one step further and spending 4,000 Crowns gives players the DLC, a Senche mount, an adorable Senche kitten pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls (with a 50% experience bonus). Really, it’s the kitten that sells the bundle.

Unfortunately for console players the patch isn’t out just yet. But this update is expected on September 8th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 and 5 users.