Eminem performing ‘Lose Yourself’ at the Oscars has become a meme goldmine

The best part about Eminem’s appearance at the Oscars may not have been his performance, but the reactions that followed.

Seemingly out of nowhere, rap icon Eminem performed his 2002 smash hit Lose Yourself at the 2020 Oscars. To everyone’s amusement, the celebrity reactions spanned from complete shock to eyes closed shut.

It was an Eminem meme dump being created before our very eyes – here’s the catch-up.

eminem lose yourself 2020 oscars memes
Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Although Lose Yourself felt like a strange song choice for Eminem to revisit, it actually makes a lot of sense. Way back in 2003, Lose Yourself won an Oscar for the film 8 Mile, but the rapper ditched the opportunity to perform it at the ceremony. Now in 2020, Eminem finally got round to it, but few were ready for it.

Even though the performance wasn’t a musical failure by any means, it clearly didn’t fit the vibe of the 2020 Oscars show. Feelings of confusion and uncomfortableness swept across the celebrity-lined audience, creating some memorable faces.

Of course, all it took was a few cameras pointed in the right places for this act to go viral. Modern day superstar Billie Eilish embodied a confused stare while her brother Finneas eventually started grooving to the track. It took some time though.

Social media users quickly pointed out other noteworthy reactions, such as Adele Dazeem’s look of complete shock and horror.

However, the best reaction came from none other than film god Martin Scorsese, who really didn’t seem to care what the fuss was about. The memes followed shortly after:

Catch the full live performance below.