Erin Foster delivers the ultimate guide to a 10-hour road trip

For electro-pop artist, Erin Foster, car camping has become a way of life, and now she’s willing to share the lessons learned on the road.

Hailing from her home in the Gold Coast, where she attends university, artist Erin Foster also spends a lot of time in Sydney’s bustling inner west, where she works at a music studio.

After the release of her single Birthday, Foster made the commute back to the Gold Coast to celebrate with her friends and family. Preferring driving over flying, the artist speaks highly of the 10-hour journey she frequently makes, and was willing to chat to Happy about the food gems and tunes she has uncovered along the way.

Erin Foster

Here are Erin’s recommended meal nooks and crannies from her Gold Coast to Sydney road trip, along with her favourite tracks that have accompanied her on the ride:

Nonna’s, Biggera Waters

I always start with a good brekky. It’s my favourite meal of the day, and there is no better place on earth than Nonna’s at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast. They have the best hot chocolate and pancakes. They also offer the best big breakfast I’ve ever had, described on the menu as “for two people or one hungry bear”. The ritual: be one hungry bear.

Masterpiece by The Rubens, because the big breakfast is a masterpiece!

Fountain Court, Grafton

Offering both Chinese and Thai dishes, this place has my vote. The service is fast, portions are large, and food is *chefs kiss*. I usually call ahead just before I pull off the highway so I can pick it up in one swift move and get the hell out of Grafton (sorry Grafton). The ritual: Mongolian mixed vegetables, vegetarian sang choi bow and a plain omelette.

Always by Tia Gostelow because it’s always great.

Riverview Café, Woodburn

The small town of Woodburn is now bypassed due to Pacific Highway upgrades, but the timeless menu selections found at Riverview Cafe are well worth the 10-minute detour. The ritual: Bundaberg creaming soda, xxx-large chips with chicken salt and ketchup, vegetarian burger with added beetroot enjoyed across the road from the cafe at Woodburn’s Riverside Park where my dogs can roll in mud and fishy smells.

Until We Meet Again by Yergurl because I know I will be back.

Nothing, Coffs Harbour

The Ritual: Think about the next town with good food.

Cry & Drive by CXLOE because I can never find any good food around here.

Taco Bell, Jesmond

Jesmond has a ridiculously good range for a shopping centre strip in a university suburb. And the Taco Bell is particularly notable. Taco Bell is actually welcome to come for me and ruin my life because I will never give it up. Something about it just hits right. The ritual: vegetarian grilled stuffed burrito with nacho cheese sauce, large chips and Lipton Peach iced tea.

Groceries by Mallrat because there’s a supermarket next door.

Gotcha Fresh, Jesmond

Bubble tea. The ritual: peach rose oolong black tea with pearls.

Josh by Peach PRC, because peach tea tastes so good.

Be sure to follow Erin’s guide next time you’re taking the 10-hour trek from Gold Coast to Sydney. And listen to her sweetly brooding single, Birthday, along the way.