Experience a smorgasbord of blues, rock, pop and soul on Brother Brad’s new EP

Brother Brad’s new EP is an impressive musical smorgasbord that skilfully blends various styles together – Get Around’s palette spans blues, rock, RnB, soul and a Sade-like smoothness that allows each song to go down easy.

Brother Brad invite us into their world with the energetic and explosive Gotta Be and promise us nothing short of a great time.

brother brad

Sydney four-piece Brother Brad effortlessly blend blues, pop, rock and soul into a colourful and vibrant palette on their new EP Get Around.

On Digital Revolution Brother Brad sing about being caught up in the trappings of the 21st-century – globalisation, technology commercialism – and their own desires to escape from them.

Recorded in a storey-house converted into a studio, vocalist Shaun Bradley says, “Get Around is an ode to the charm and seduction of Sydney’s Inner West.”

Clean guitars and percussion kick the EP back into party mode on Get Around, before slowing down again on Yesterday. A ska rendition of lost love and the emotions that seize us in the period after it ends, the song keeps building until it culminates in that tasteful trumpet solo.

I Gave You My All is another slowed-down number, opening with a sultry guitar before diving deep into explorations of wanting truth and transparency in relationships, building up to a smooth, jazzy piano solo towards the end.

The EP ends on the bright and upbeat My Girl, instantly evoking a party vibe with its background vocals and neo-soul guitar chords which transform into an all-out instrumental splurge.

In all, Get Around is an impressive debut that effortlessly blends a variety of musical styles skilfully and tastefully as it oscillates between energetic, up-beat songs and more contemplative, down-tempo numbers.


Get Around is out now.