Facebook just lost $237bn, here’s a list of things worth less than that

Meta lost an estimated $US237 billion last week after Facebook users dropped for the first time in the website’s 18-year history.

Facebook investors are selling their shares in Mark Zuckerberg’s company, after losing more users than it gained last quarter.

This is Facebook’s biggest ever loss in a single day since the company’s 2012 Wall Street debut. It’s also the highest amount of money ever lost by a company listed in the stock market.

Credit: via The Independant

To celebrate the huge financial loss for this very problematic company, we’ve put together a list of things that are worth less than Meta’s $237 billion market slump.

TikTok (~$75bn)

The most downloaded app of 2021 is still worth less than Zuckerberg alone.

Jeff Bezos (~$187bn)

The second richest person in the world, behind Elon Musk.

New friggen Zealand (~GPD of $213bn)

Yes, the actual country New Zealand.

Spotify (worth ~$33.5bn)

YouTube (~$190bn)

Yeah, we thought they’d be worth more too. Guess that’s why there are more ads every time you try and watch a video.

Every team in the NBA & NFL… combined (~$147.6bn)

And you’d still have $90bn left to buy TikTok.

Nike (~$230bn)

Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Greece (~GPD of $190bn)

The country, not the musical. The musical is priceless.

Netflix (~$182bn)

McDonald’s (~$194bn)

If one of the world’s most recognised brands lost as much as Facebook did last week, you’d never eat a Big Mac again.

The entire Harry Potter franchise (~$25bn)

Unfortunately, J.K. Rowling owns a fair bit of that.

The top 200 highest-grossing films of all time… combined (~$102bn)

You could have made the 200 most successful films ever and still be $135bn shy of what Zucc managed to lose in one day.

4 million kilograms of pure gold (~$58,202/kg)

That’s like, 900 trillion year-five camps worth of gold panning.

The entire Royal Family (~$88bn)

With that kind of money, maybe god should prioritise saving anything but the Queen.

147 Michael Jordans (~$1.6bn each)


Even after that loss, Meta and Mark Zuckerberg are still worth $US677bn and $US84bn respectively.

But hey, if he can lose the entire net worth of McDonald’s in one day, he could be living off two-minute noodles in no time.