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Fender releases Asuka Telecaster in homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion

In an intriguing and particularly colourful move, Fender has released a new Asuka Telecaster in homage to the popular manga Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The limited-edition Tele is being sold only on the Japanese market and is set to drop in July 2020. Interested buyers outside of Japan will likely have to jump through some hoops to import it.Neon Genesis

Fender’s new Asuka Telecaster sports has a striking aesthetic, based on the popular manga and anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and its central character.

The new Telecaster has some of the most striking aesthetics seen on any Fender guitar. It has a vivid neon orange-to-red polyester finish on the body and a pickguard in black, neon-green and orange.

It’s combined with Alumitone pickups in a humbucker/single-coil configuration, which, combined with the jet-black hardware and headstock, contrasts with the finish and gives the guitar a sleek, military look.Neon genesis 2

It also sports an EVA 2 logo on the twelfth fret and an etched NERV logo on the neckplate. If you buy the guitar you’ll also be shipped an original artwork of the character Asuka holding the guitar, drawn by Kazuya Tsurumaki (who directed Rebuild of Evangelion). More info about the EVA Telecaster can be found on Fender Japan’s website.

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