PREMIERE: The Tints unveil their glorious debut EP ‘Kill the Light’

East Sydney quartet The Tints have served up a slice of indie-rock brilliance with their debut EP Kill the Light. The boys and girl from Bondi are standing on what feels like the precipice of rock-ballad grandeur.

Each of the five new tracks are drenched with nostalgia, pulling you back to the 80s and 90s and leaving you there to reminisce and recall the good times.

If music is medicine, The Tints debut EP Kill the Light is the shot we’re all in need of this winter.

Following a string of singles, the foursome that formed only last year have knitted together the kind of bond that years of experience can’t outweigh. Bassist Ben Baker and lead guitarist Charles Cosgrove bring a musicianship that started in high school, whilst frontman Lachie Pringle and drummer Maya Downes have been jamming together for years.

This is palpable in the opener Criminal Cabaret, a seductive and upbeat first track. Bright cymbals and buoyant bass give way to frivolous falsetto moments. This one stands alone against the rest of the EP, it’s a mood booster but not typically in theme, something to break the ice with.

Devil Dance feels equal parts grounded and far-reaching. It’s shimmering with strings that are decorated with echoey harmonies and an unrelenting beat. The Tints have nailed the art of layering an array of elements without over-complicating the core thread.

New song Sticky Tape and Paper Cuts is the EP’s lullaby. It spends most of it’s five-minutes in Pringle’s higher register, showcasing a versatility and prowess. However, if there’s a hero on Kill the Light, it’s clearly the celebratory Sunday 4am. You’d be forgiven for drawing parallels to Gang of Youths, who are an influence on the band. Pringle’s syncopated vocals are in a similar vein to Le’aupepe, masculine yet soulful. Of the lyrics, Pringle says:

“…the place that it came from, wandering the empty streets after a Saturday night out and contemplating everything, I think that’s something that everyone can connect with.”

The Tints have been teasing Kill the Light since late 2019 with the release of their debut single Blame, and the EP’s fifth and finale track. Blame is a heart starter of a track that chugs its way to each chorus with a more excitable surge than the last. Once again they’ve remained inclusive with bite-sized, easy-to-sing-along-with lyrics and an easy listening pop structure.

Kill The Light is The Tints response to a psych-saturated market, taking us back to an early indie-rock stadium glory. Check out their full EP above and watch their video for Blame below: