Finn Pearson's new indie folk-rock single 'Hard to Find' Finn Pearson's new indie folk-rock single 'Hard to Find'

Finn Pearson’s new indie folk-rock single ‘Hard to Find’

Finn Pearson releases indie folk-rock single Hard to Find with a burning passion and an erupting vulnerability.

Hard to Find, unveils the western Australian singer-songwriter, Finn Pearson’s deepest introspective feelings and moments. Beautifully layered in polished sincerity and coaxed in rustic charm, Finn expresses the story of an artist who is able to unravel the interconnected elements that are packed into existence.

Through deciphering these fragments, he relocates them through his empathetic indie-folk-rock sound which makes for an immersive and invigorating experience.

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Having shaped his sound originally from traditional folk music, his sound has found a home in the spaces between Australian front-runners Hollow Coves, Xavier Rudd and Sons of the East.

Finn has crafted this spine-tingling soundscape by accentuating his feelings of uneasiness and frustration into fearless stinging-bitter sweetness. This he conveys with perfection through his soul-testifying emphasis on the gushing stream of melodic yet rhythmic instrumentation.

Hard To Find is a tender tune that is wrapped in flirtations that hypnotize listeners to dance and revel in freedom, yet its crispy cadence soothes the heart as much as the body. 

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In a more cynical approach, Finn isn’t singing for resolution, certainty or finally obtaining happiness. He reveals that “Hard To Find is a bit of an outlier because it draws on a place of desensitization to vulnerability rather than from the feeling of vulnerability itself. Sometimes being emotionally honest all the time can take its own toll, and it can be easier to be hard to find.”

He travels on a realistic path to snapshot the fragments and flows of existence which results in a tough-picking at of painful truths, where he is wrapped up in feelings of isolation and caged emotions. His sound bends through the wilderness of struggling to open up and the vulnerable position it can put you in.

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This gem of a track was recorded at Rada Studios and was co-produced by Timothy Nelson (WAM Song of the Year, Best Folk Act, Best Pop act, Eskimo Joe) and then mixed by Dan Carroll. To complete such a powerhouse of a team, William Bowden (Gotye, Spacey Jane) mastered the track at King Willy Sound.

“The producer Timothy Nelson and I went back and forth a lot about the direction that the song could go stylistically and sonically”

Finn shared the process of how the affectionate palette of the song came to be and shared the thoughts behind the dynamic brassy fusion they created.

“Hard To Find has always been a bit of an enigma for me and the band; I feel as though we never played it exactly the same way twice live, so untangling it was a bit of a process. We tried a few different arrangements and tempos, and in the end we arrived at something more akin to The Go-Betweens and other jangly classic Australian indie-rock than my previously folky sound. We really went to town on the acoustic guitar layers, and Claudia’s backing vocals are obviously a really special part of the track, but the entire band arrangement just feels so alive and organic to me.” 

To coincide with the release, a launch show will go ahead to present the energy and joie-de-vivre Finn Pearson has been known to awaken in himself and his crowd. Local venues on the Western shores of Australia have welcomed his passion for live performance and musical creativity with open arms. 

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