Meet FlexMami, one of our fabulous guest judges for Needle In The Hay 2022

Lillian “FlexMami” Ahenkan has basically done it all. She’s an author, TV host, DJ, CEO, and podcaster, and now, she’s judging your music.

High chance you’ve already come across FlexMami at one point or another, whether it was when she graced the Big Brother house last year, or through her radio show with Froomes on CADA.

Lillian “FlexMami” Ahenkan has been coined “one of the most charismatic Australians of the internet,” and it only takes a 30 second visit to her Instagram page to realise why.

Flex Mami

But whether or not you’re familiar with the modern-day icon that Lillian is, one things for certain: She’s going to do a damn good job at judging Needle In The Hay this year.

From writing a best selling book The Success Experiment, to launching her own highly successful brand Flex Factory, Lil knows how much love and hard work goes into the tracks you’re submitting.

On top of producing some of the best Instagram content to spice up your feed, FlexMami hosts a daily radio show on the brand new hip hop and R&B focussed radio station CADA. So yeah, she knows what’s up when it come to homegrown talent.


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Needle In The Hay is a competition run by Happy Mag, giving one artist the chance to win 250 copies of their single on 7-inch vinyl. To enter or find out more, click here.

An extra special thanks to JMC Academy and Audio-Technica — the incredible partners who have made the Needle In The Hay Spotlight possible!