Free Wet Leg gig tonight!

Get ready, it’s T-minus two hours till lovable babes from Wet Leg are doing a free show at The Lansdowne.

Sydney’s music scene has been graced with a last-minute Wet Leg gig and it’s at our favourite venue, The Lansdowne. This venue has given us a bit of an emotional ride lately with closing down and reopening. But it’s awesome to see that it’s thriving once more with amazing line-ups.

Wet Leg shoot
Credit: Hollie Fernando

Wet leg are set to play next week at Splendour and deciding to just fuck it and do a free show tonight, is an absolute dope surprise for the music lovers of Sydney. They start at 5pm, so hopefully, you’re not working late, and if you are, maybe cut out a little early. With gigs starting up again this year and festivals finally going ahead, it’s the time to throw yourself into all the gigs you can. And who can refuse a free pop-up show?


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I don’t know where you’re gonna be tonight, but it better not be stuck at home! I’m going out to see Wet Leg and get my dancing boots on. Thank god it’s Friday! If you can’t make it, at least check out their song Chaise Longue.