Chris Meloni from ‘Law and Order’ shocks fans with sexy naked pics

Fans are beside themselves to see Law and Order star, Chris Meloni getting naked for a sexy photo shoot.

The former star of Law and Order SVU, Chris Meloni has collaborated with Men’s Health Magazine in a photo shoot, and it has sparked a reaction that spans far beyond his TV fanbase, or the regular demographic of Men’s Health Magazine.

Showing off his abs and muscles, Meloni has stripped down and given the camera a few wild poses for us as he opens up about his memories playing Elliot Stabler. He also shares his go-to fitness tips, so that all aspiring zaddies can have a shot at looking like this sexy legend right here!

Chris Meloni svu
Credit: Ben Watts

One of the most shocking photos from the 60-year-old’s shoot is the cover pic, where Meloni is completely nude, using a weight to cover his penis. Brace yourselves, it is a lot to take in…


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Beyond the cover, we have Meloni getting racy as he reveals his incredible quads in a pair of budgie smugglers, while he chills out on a deck chair. Another one of his poses features him getting bendy and flexible with the splits, balancing his strong forearms with a cheeky look on his face.

Chris Meloni
Credit: Ben Watts

Meloni’s embracement of ‘thirst trappin’ is absolutely sending fans on twitter. I’m not sure how any of us will ever recover from this!

Twitter users have been sharing the number of times they’ve had a peek at the photo shoot since its release and how they will forever look at Meloni in a new way.

This Tweet below is an incredible edit of The Birth Of Venus, creating a new version of the ‘Birth Of Zaddy’.

On #nationalnudeday Meloni made a post regarding the sexy photo shoot: “Shout out to the wardrobe dept on this one. Those socks were amazing.” What a cheeky man. Slay, Zaddy!