‘Stranger Things’ Brett Gelman calls himself a ‘jaddy’

Stranger Things actor, Brett Gelman has coined the term “jaddy”… a cross between “zaddy” and a “sexy Jewish man.”

In a recent interview, Stranger Things actor Brett Gelman described himself as a “jaddy,” which combines the existing phrase “zaddy” (sexually appealing man) with the swagger of a “sexy Jewish man” rocking his own unique style.

He told Page Six: “I’ve coined this phrase ‘jaddy’ which is ‘Jewish zaddy’…It takes some from the 70’s at times, but then also borrowing 90’s New York streetwear fashion…and I think both of those are very Jewish forms of dress.” He continued, “but really, it’s projecting a positive Semitic masculine style.”

Credit: Page Six

The Jewish-American actor, who is 45, explained how proud he is of his heritage, and how he wants to celebrate his own unique style and persona, which can’t be summed up in existing words…so he created a new one.

“There’s something incredibly attractive about our people and sexual about our people that I want to push that is not gross or ugly. And that’s really important to me,” he said.

Credit: Avital Dayanim / Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for Netflix

While promoting the latest, record-breakingly successful season of Stranger Things, Brett certainly hasn’t shied away from showcasing some killer “jaddy” looks.

But while the actor’s iconic fits have sparked quite the frenzy across social media platforms, fashion tips aren’t the only thing that wannabe “jaddies” can learn from this icon…he also knows how to strike quite the pose. Just check out this killer example below.

Credit: David-Simon Dayan.

As the interview came to a close, Brett also touched on a more serious topic, regarding the prevailing issue of anti-Semitism and how it’s not addressed enough:

“I do think that anti-semitism is somewhat the whispered bigotry, until it’s being screamed and we’re all being killed. I don’t think it’s something that gets talked about enough, and I think it’s something that’s just sort of accepted, like it’s okay to make fun of the Jews, because Jews make fun of themselves….well no, it’s not.”