Gallery: STFD with Shining Bird and e4444e

Last Friday Happy Mag hopped over to Cuckoo once again for STFD: a seated gig featuring Shining Bird and e4444e.

November’s STFD was an all-out punk riot, but last Friday Shining Bird and e4444e brought things down a notch for a show that was cinematic, evocative, and all-around gorgeous. With Shining Bird representing Wollongong and e4444e repping Newcastle, it was a prime showcase of the range of talent sleeping either side of Sydney.

In case you missed it – or maybe you want to catch your smiling mug in the crowd – here’s what went down.

STFD Shining Bird e4444e Dani Hansen

STFD Shining Bird e4444e Dani Hansen

As is the COVID custom, two shows took place on the night of STFD – one early, one late. e4444e was first up on both, easing the crowds into a night that would prove lush above all else. His sets were rich and textural, Romy himself standing flanked by an array of pedals, creating soundscapes that faded in and out like the shoreline.

Songs from his early 2020 record Coldstream Road were in heavy rotation, with a few older hits for good measure. By the time e4444e stepped off the stage after each set, the crowd was feeling warm and fuzzy – not just from the booze Cuckoo had flowing.

From the moment Shining Bird stepped onto the stage, folks were enraptured by their beautiful, spacious tunes. A strike beyond the usual three or four piece you’d catch at a pub gig, the band worked through a setlist that incorporated brass, swelling keys, soft acoustic guitar, and more.

Seeing them is always a treat, and this was no exception. Check out some more photos from the night below.