‘Genshin Impact’ is coming to the PS5 soon, here’s what to expect

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular MMORPGs in recent years, and it’s going to be even bigger when it becomes officially available on the PS5.

PlayStation announced in a recent Tweet that Genshin Impact would grace the PS5 platform this Spring in the northern hemisphere – meaning the Australian Autumn. However, since there is no official date specified, fans are still unsure as to exactly when the game will be available to play.

Genshin Impact is already accessible on all Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as the PC and PS4. But the move to the PS5 isn’t all – bonus upgrades are expected to come along too.

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Not only will there be 4K resolution; improved textures, faster loading, and DualSense controller support are among the few enhancements that incentivise the shift to the PS5. Given the technical revolutions the newest PlayStation controller has become famous for, there’s no doubt that playing Genshin will be taken to otherworldly levels very, very soon.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no signs of cross-platform account linking between mobile and PlayStation devices. It’s definitely a shame, since synchronised data across the various gaming devices would have been the ultimate reason for players to look forward to the upcoming PS5 edition.

Genshin Impact first blasted into our lives in September of 2020. For its visuals, lore, and addictive gacha characteristics, the game quickly infiltrated millions of people’s lives. miHoYo, the developers behind Genshin Impact, were reported to earn around $50 million from its 17 million downloads within the first few days of launch.

There were also numerous – and by that, I mean millions – of comparisons made with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, especially when it came to the game’s art style. What’s more, while Genshin Impact seems to be easy to play, finessing your combat and melee skills also offers an extra challenge that keeps the game from being too repetitive during the grinds.

Of course, the gacha origins of the game are another feature players are inexplicably attached to, whether they like it or not. Leaving the fate of your gaming experience to pure statistical luck can sometimes be vexing, but we have some tips to get through that in Clocked’s very own comprehensive starter guide for Genshin Impact.

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It certainly doesn’t seem like miHoYo will let the craze die down anytime soon. Just last month, the team introduced its newest character, Hu Tao. As the 77th WangSheng Funeral Parlour Director, she packs a lot more damage than her appearance may suggest.

She is a single-target DPS character, and her lightning-fast attacks allow her to pull off some crazy elemental reactions. A massive skill-based change for Hu Tao compared to some of the other Pyro characters is her reliance on maintaining her health below the 50% threshold for maximum damage potential, due to her passive talent giving her a Pyro boost once she falls to lower health levels.

Considering that Hu Tao brought in approximately $12.9 million, it’s clear that this yet another indicator showing that the Genshin Impact craze isn’t going to die down anytime soon.