Gladys has “no recollection” of sending scathing Scomo texts

Leaked messages between Gladys and an anonymous liberal minister label the PM a “complete psycho” and “horrible person“. Gladys says she can’t recall the exchange.

At the National Press Club yesterday, February 1, Scott Morrison was questioned by Network 10 political editor Peter van Onselen concerning a text thread between former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and a current liberal cabinet minister.

In the text thread, Gladys reportedly refers to the PM as a “horrible, horrible person“, while the unnamed minister was even more ferocious, labelling Morrison a “fraud” and “complete psycho”.

Credit: Rohan Thomson/Getty Images

The former NSW Premier has since stated that she has “no recollection” of the exchange but honestly, they sound like frequently used describers for the PM, you can see why it would be forgettable.

The Prime Minister seemed amused in his response, stating he didn’t know “who you’re referring to, or the basis of what you’ve put to me.” Morrison further said, “But I obviously don’t agree with it, and I don’t think that is my record.”

Furthermore, when he appeared on a television show yesterday, Scomo said that he and Gladys had “always” had positive dealings with each other.

There was even more to Gladys’ text exchange as she appears to have completely gone to town on the PM. In his questioning van Onselen reported that Berejiklian didn’t “trust” Morrison and that he was “more interested in politics than people.”

When asked if he had been hurt by the text exchange Morrison said that it “doesn’t matter“… kinda sounds like the response of a psycho.

People say nasty things about you as Prime Minister all the time. It goes with the job, but the job isn’t about what people say here and there,” he told Sunrise on Wednesday.

Gladys released a statement yesterday where she claimed to have “no recollection” of the revealed text messages.

She then proceeded by shamelessly sucking up to the PM, reiterating her “very strong support for Prime Minister Morrison, and all he is doing for our nation during these very challenging times.”

I also strongly believe he is the best person to lead our nation for years to come, ” Gladys said.

The Prime Minister has said he appreciated what has been said by Gladys.