Glastonbury Festival’s 2019 cleanup has been a huge success

This year’s cleanup of the Glastonbury Festival has been hugely successful due to the increase in environmentally conscious festival attendees.

Glastonbury’s organiser Emily Eavis has deemed the cleanup “a massive improvement” in regards to previous years with the cleanup expected to take around four weeks.

Sir David Attenborough thanked festival goers on the final day, joyously exclaiming: “Now this great festival has gone plastic-free, that is more than a million bottles of water have not been drunk by you in plastic. Thank you! Thank you!”

Sir David Attenborough could start up his own environmental cult if he wanted to because of his extremely influential persona.

99% of tents were taken by festival attendees which is roughly 500 left behind out of 55 000 tents which is an extraordinary number in comparison to past years.

Biodegradable confetti was also used in festival performances.

Ms Eavis found the lack of plastic an eye-opening experiencing and thinks that “people are really starting to understand how important it is to treat the land with respect, and to stop living a disposable lifestyle.”

Despite conscious efforts, Glastonbury has been hit with scrutiny due to miscellaneous rubbish being left but the difference to previous years is still extraordinary and proves that going plastic-free or taking your tent with you after a festival is a small but truly beneficial and necessary step.

Glastonbury Festival has set a great example for all of you off to Splendour In The Grass next week to clean up after you and your mates because no one likes a litterbug. So let’s all try to keep the beautiful North Byron Parklands beautiful so that us Aussies can continue to have the weekends of our lives in the many years to come.