Good Golly! ‘Cuphead’ has finally been released on PS4

In a surprise tweet posted at 1:09am AEST, Studio MDHR announced that Cuphead would finally be released on PS4!

Cuphead — the title game of Studio MDHR was released in 2017. At first exclusively for Xbox One and PC through Steam, however, it has spread to Microsoft 10, GOG on PC and Mac, and Nintendo Switch. And now, it will be available for PS4 players.Cuphead Screenshot

Studio MDHR has announced that Cuphead is to be released on PS4, meaning the game is now available on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4.

Cuphead is an extremely popular run-and-gun game, with fun gameplay and a wonderful – if highly panic-inducing –  soundtrack. The game is even so well-liked that Cuphead has inspired the creation of a Netflix Original Series called The Cuphead Show, with an anticipated release in 2021.

Studio MDHR originally made some major waves with the games initial production, thanks to the unique character design and incredible vintage art style. Cuphead inspires nostalgia through its 1930s aesthetic, reminiscent of the rubber hose animation made famous by Fleischer Studios and Walt Disney Animation.

Some recognisable figures of this style are characters like Popeye and Betty Boop, as well as the iconic Mickey Mouse, who inspired the design of Cuphead and Mugman. MDHR decided to take all of the subversive and surrealist qualities of those cartoons and dial them up to eleven, emulating the style while also creating something uniquely their own.

Learn more about Cuphead and related releases on Studio MDHR’s blog, and buy Cuphead for PS4 here.