Gorillaz announce mysterious new project ‘Song Machine’

Gorillaz successfully stirred the pot today, prompting equal measures of excitement and confusion as they teased their latest project, Song Machine. 

Taking to social media, the band shared a 22-second video titled Song Machine Theme Tune, along with a series of posts featuring animated pictures of the band members and the caption, “The Machine has been switched on.”

Gorillaz have released a 22-second video teasing their latest project, Song Machine, simultaneously sending the internet into a frenzy.

However, exactly what Song Machine is has left people at a loss.

Most of the posts link through to a playlist which bears the description: “Gorillaz Present Song Machine | Season One. Subscribe now for the next episode (snooze you lose)”.

Is it a YouTube series? Is it an album? Is it an app? Their posts have been flooded with suggestions, however, nobody seems to know the answer. If you’re a Gorillaz fan then your best bet would be to subscribe through the link above.

Elsewhere, the band is rumoured to be debuting a new, slowthai and Slaves-featuring track on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday, however, this hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Previously, Gorillaz released Humanz in 2017 and The Now Now in 2018, and a documentary about the making of those albums, Gorillaz: Reject False Icons, premiered in theatres in December last year.

Check out the teaser video for Song Machine below and decide for yourself.