GTA remastered: 3 iconic games are rumoured to be rising again

The concept of a GTA remastered trilogy is anything but new. But thanks to a new report, which claims insider knowledge and to actually have seen footage, it appears closer than ever before.

If fans were to choose which games should make up a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) remastered trilogy there would likely be near unanimous support for GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. Hell, fans have already been trying for years to approximate such a project through mods.

However, according to a report by Kotaku, this dream project is edging its way closer and closer to reality.

gta remastered trilogy
Image: GTA III / Rockstar

The three games that are rumoured to amount to this GTA remastered trilogy all share an important thread. First of all, they all debuted on Sony’s iconic PS2 console. Secondly, they are the games responsible for transforming the GTA franchise into the best-selling phenomenon that it is today.

Before the jump to new technology, the GTA series was typified by its top down camera, 2D graphics, and popularity with homicide-loving teenagers. The PS2’s vastly improved hardware enabled the development team at Rockstar to realise their vision of an open world cityscape where players could truly do as they please. Including, but rather importantly no longer hamstrung to maniacal episodes of violence.

But technology has only gotten sweeter, and the time feels ripe for a remastered GTA trilogy. On a personal note, the time also feels right to venture back into the killer ’80s vibe of  GTA: Vice City: ‘oooah, I just died in your arms last night‘ – the sweet sound of a misspent youth.

On the technical side of things, the insider source claims that the remastered GTA trilogy will employ the Unreal Engine to create a mix of “new and old graphics”, with special attention going towards staying true to the feel of these cherished games. Reportedly, this directive extends to keeping the original UI of each title, with only minor cosmetic improvements being allowed.

gta remastered
Image: GTA San Andreas / Rockstar

So far there isn’t an official release date, or indeed confirmation of any sort, but the report suggests we could see the GTA remastered trilogy in the next few months. It is expected that this package will be released on a wide variety of platforms concurrently, including the Switch. A PC release is expected to follow next year.

The development studio rumoured to be in charge of this project is Rockstar Dundee, the same developer charged with creating a PS5 version of GTA V.

This story is developing, and we will be sure to report when we get some more solid developments. Until then, I leave you with this glorious parting gift.