Happy’s Zen Horoscope (24th April – 30th April): Get all intellectual with your curiosity

Mercury enters Gemini, expect communication to be smoother, with higher notes (as if discourse were wine) of intellectual inquisitiveness.

With Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn beginning, any major transformations that have been underway will now begin to slow the fuck down. Thankfully, embracing things in a much more timely fashion will give you a much-needed chance to adjust to any changes in the course that you have set out for yourself over the coming months.


Sometimes you have to face what needs to be faced.  Big decisions require you to dig deep, find and stick to your moral compass. Stay compassionate for yourself, and for those that you love in the interim, and you should be fine.


You have experienced a burst of rapid growth lately,  so this is the perfect time to sit back and celebrate a little. Perhaps you are settling into something new, and maybe the teething period is finally over, if so,  enjoy yourself.  


Starting something new? Or maybe at the very least realising the potential for something new or imagined. Do what you need to get it off the ground, study, make a practical plan, or set it in stone in some tangible way,  even though you are at the beginning, it’s a good time to lay out some groundwork. 



Words to the wise, slow down. Dont be hasty, sure, you may be all excited, running around trying to get everything done at once, but slow all the way down…do one thing at a time. That’s it, one thing. 



Even though you may be fairly comfortable with where you are at, and even though you may have invested a lot of time in it, that doesn’t mean you can’t step out of your comfort zones just a little. Dont get too comfortable, I guess is the saying.



A good week to reconsider what it is that you are striving for to make sure it aligns with your higher good. Check your radar for false gods, you know the ones, fame, money, power, pleasure, and watch indulgences,  just for this week. 



Turn your attention inwards so that you can be sure that you are standing on terra firm as you make your next plans. Use this time for inward reflection,  and contemplation before moving on to the next ‘big thing’. Not now, maybe later is also recommended. 



You are coming to a pivotal part of your journey, upon review, you can see that you have learned from the past. Learning and letting go of things that needed letting go, is a good thing. It clears the way forward, allowing you to be open to new experiences and new challenges.



A partnership is calling. Sometimes it pays to work with others on a project that you simply couldn’t do by yourself, this part should be easy. After all, you know what you want, now it is just about implementing the next step to get things really underway. Pick up the phone if need be, and get that collab underway. 



Even if things feel tough, you are doing okay, more than okay. If you are standing strong in the face of diversity, kudos to you. You may potentially encounter a delay here or there, but dont let this lame you out, just keep trying and you will soon set out on your way. 



Dreaming is good, we know all Pisces like a good dream, but if you really want to give that dream project/idea a chance, you have to get a little real and implement a plan that will get it started. Give it some weight. 



if you are experiencing any clouded judgment around a specific issue, and you cant see clearly give yourself a moment to get to the heart of the matter, the truth so to speak, this may require extra time, but it’s important.  It will be worth it.